Harvest Moon: ‘Farming Gone Mad’ in My Class This Month! :D

Hello all!

It’s gonna be next week me and the entire high schoolers in Indonesia will be having time for National Exam week. What I am still doing here, yeah…it will be my ‘last’ post this Sunday and for week ahead I’m not gonna post any. Pathetic.

Moreover, I haven’t finished my postponed English papers that I should had handled it since last week. Geez…everybody’s here so in-rush even my English teacher, Maam Erna, forget to ask me about that task and so do I, forget that I still have one unfinished papers left. Pathetic.

Anyway, beside those stuff which made me tired enough, I’m still having fun even in the time I have to study or…I can say even in this preparatory class for National Examination.







(Crazy besties, my classmate, Adit, is playing the game in his laptop, me taking the pic silently hahaha)

Got realized at the screen of my classmate’s laptop? Yeah, you got it right…it’s HARVEST MOON! 😀


I don’t even know why, mostly my classmates, they’re so getting high in this game, I mean…hello, next week we’re gonna face off that National Exam but, yeah…just like my bestie, Adit, did, me and them are still keeping play and talk about this game even during this week.

I know, people outside of my class will shout us ‘poor them’ or…’they’re crazy, no’ . But, who the heaven are you to hate this game? Even some friends in my class who doesn’t like gaming, they’re still put an eye when Adit ask me some trivia about Harvest Moon.

Okay, I think it’s getting bad, well…I think I’m the one who start this ‘Harvest Moon-hysteria-week’ since in the grade 10 I’ve been talking, one of them, game to my besties in my class (Adit, Athe,  Achiet, and Alfrida) , well…actually they’re the one who never get bored with this topic, not mention they’ve got in love with this game (one of them is because of me).

And, now this ‘Harvest Moon hysteria’  is gone mad, and it’s started this month when Athe shocked me with the familiar icon in his laptop and I just yelled: DANG, THAT’S HARVEST MOON! OMG, HOW DO YOU PUT THAT INSIDE UR LAPTOP!!!

And, so he did. He installed that game in my laptop too and dang, it won’t work.

Sheeezzz….how I crave so much to play this game in my laptop so I don’t have to play and spend most of time in home just playing Harvest Moon only. Yeah, I can take it when I’m in school, sounds fun, just like my classmate did.Oh, God, they’re gone mad at this game (so do I).

Well, maybe some of you all don’t understand enough why we’re so ‘overwhelmed’ by this game, okay…that sounds hyper though. Well, it’s because we’re having fun and getting enjoyed on the stuff that reminds us of our childhood. We, me and my classmate, are pretty similar in having childhood stuff like game, movie, etc. And, how we enjoy the moment when we talk about that.

I remember how long when talk about Saint Seiya, Chibi Maruko Chan, Atashinchi, etc.

So, it’s no wondering when it goes more and more when finally we’re on this game; HARVEST MOON.

Yeah, who doesn’t love that. 🙂

Yeah, what can we say more except…



Have a nice day! 🙂